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A unique stay in Normandy

Trip in an
old sailing ship

Board the boat belonging to Michel Patrick, known as Mil’Pat, a former langoustine fisherman, for a unique exploration of the côte d’Albâtre and its cliffs, seen from the sea. The team onboard will explain how they used to sail before, the onboard instruments, how the boat and its sails are manoeuvred... They will explain to you how the cliffs were formed, and tell you about the fauna and flora found by Côte and answer any questions you may have about life at sea, sailing etc. The wind is in charge here: it pushes you either towards the north and the coast between Fécamp and St Pierre en Port, or towards the west and the little valleys ending in cliffs of Yport and Vaucottes.
Benedictine Palace

In Fecamp's heart a colourful palace which was home to art and industry that Alexandre Legrand built to honour the Bénédictine liqueur. An exceptional collection of old art, plates and spices used to make Bénédictine liqueur, temporary exhibitions and modern art. When you visit with a little luck you’ll see how the liqueur was distilled in 1888, with its such distinctive smell.
Veules les Roses

Enjoy looking around one of the most beautiful villages in Normandy, which brings together all the charms of the sea and countryside together, as the 1149 metres of the Veules goes by. Walk along one of the paths that border the Veules, see the watercress growing, enjoy the fine sandy beach at low tide and its view of the cliffs. A journey through time and history in the spirit of Maupassant.
Musée des Pêcheries

The museum located in the heart of the port of Fécamp was inaugurated in 2017, and gives you the opportunity to dive into the universe of the men that set out to go and fish cod in the icy waters of Newfoundland. The site also brings other collections together, and the 360° view from the lookout point is one of the museum’s attractions.
GR 21, in Sissi’s footsteps

At the end of the park; take GR 21, which will take you along the Côte d’Albatre with stunning views from the cliffs, towards Le Tréport or Le Havre. In 1875, Sissi took this path to go to the Petites Dalles beach.
Les Moutiers wood

The grounds with a superficial of 12 hectares was fully planted by Guillaume Mallet in about 1898, in a little valley ending in cliffs orientated towards the sea. The ground’s acid nature, which is exceptional in the Pays de Caux, enabled the introduction of many rare species, in a complete contrast with the local vegetation.
Touristic places
Place Distance Time Website
Palais Bénédictine (Fécamp) 12.7km 20min LINK
Musée des Pêcheries (Fécamp) 12.7km 20min LINK
Veules les Roses 21km 25min LINK
Étretat 29km 30min LINK

Not to be missed...